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I’m a woman and a mother, author, trainer and international consultant with Neuro-linguistic Programming, Conscious Leadership Coach, consultant and generative coach, driven by the mission of awakening consciousness at the several systems – families and organizations – and to assist them in order to let them bring to this world their essence. Through conscious systems, we live a life and parenting of discovery, with curiosity, creativity, with authenticity and responsibility, connected with our values and intentions. We become conscious BEings and creators of an “awakened life”.

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Book "Mothers of the World"

“Mothers of the World “- Neuro-linguistic Programming at the service of education with ethics is my first book. I wrote it after travelling across four continents and meeting so many mothers, they too, like yourself, examples of excellence.

In it, I share some of their stories and secrets, as well as, part of my journey as a mother. To all this, I combine the most fascinating NLP practices, that allow you to be, to live and to have a smooth parenting, where everyone, parents and children, walk side by side, eye to eye, with no place for judgment or guilt. Where flexibility and connection prevails. No matter the challenge to face, the respect for the child as the person she is, will always be the first step for its resolution.


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