It’s about you! It’s about being awake and conscious of what’s happening inside you and with you, as a mother/father…

How you can change, how you can grow and how you can use your power to transform your family’s dynamic, forever.

And why it’s so important that you are conscious of the changes you need to make? Because it’s the only way you can change and achieve the results you desire, in accordance with your “self”, yours “self”. The symmetry between the ego and the soul.

NLP & Generative Parenting, shows you that it’s only when you compromise, when you put yourself in the spotlight you are able to change and when you actually change, everything around you transforms itself. You communicate with an open heart, it’s the basis of a profound connection with yourself and consequently with your child.

I believe that the way you communicate with yourself is crucial, how you choose to act instead of to react, to feel, to be instead of to have and when you are certain of your intentions, your values and your true essence, then you are ready to turn to the outside.

To take care of your emotional baggage is the first step to not put that weight on your children shoulders.

Free yourself from restricting beliefs, install empowering ones. Live your life, with your hands on the wheel, focus and flexibility, in the here and now, which it’s the only moment we have: it’s decisive.

When you choose responsibility, coherence, acceptance, authenticity and creativity, when you look at your child with equal dignity, you are walking through NLP & Generative Parenting.

It's a slow process, it doesn’t happen overnight. You plant the seed and take care of it with a lot of love, affection and patience. Than something new blooms and begins to bear fruits.

Through all the process, the essence and the tools of NLP (with the focus on the 3rd and 4yh generations) and the Generative Coaching that you apply daily, are a real breath of fresh air and much more.

And how comforting it is, to know exists a larger space to creativity (the principle of Generative Coaching) and that “things are what they are” and that “everything is always fine” (basic NLP assumptions).

You have it all in you! You can do it!

With love,