I invite you to take a journey with me in this wonderful world of parenting. We travel a lot, together as a family. I believe, that way, my daughters will grow up without prejudices or judgments. One born in Portugal, another in Venezuela, I know that they are already genuine citizens of the world. In all the countries that we walk, inevitably and almost by magic, I end up befriending mothers with fantastic stories of life, with names and faces that are true lessons of existence. Throughout our journey, I will introduce you to some of them, who are so dear and so wise. That is why the book is called Mothers of the World, since it is applies to our whole society.

I will also share with you my way of educating my daughters, Constança (commonly called a “special” child, as if they were not all special) and Madalena. Love is the common denominator between us, and it always works, in any place and circumstance. Ultimately, and in case of urgency, it only triggers even more love, the kind of love that is shown by presence and active listening ... it is infallible, try it. To this, I add Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), my wise ally in this world of parenthood, which plunged me so many times into a thousand uncertainties.

I will share the most effective tools I have found to communicate effectively, in family and in the world. Speaking and, above all, practicing parenting, does not have to be either boring or complicated - on the contrary, it is simple, it does not need explanation, just connection. It grows out of our interior and from there emerges the instinct, the tips and the strategies that lead us in this noble mission. The revolution begins here, in each small and silent gesture of presence, surrender and acceptance.

“I read Rita’s manuscript from one end to the other without stopping once. Since I am sensitive to education and healthy growth topics, in a world requiring so much empathy and love, perhaps I’m now even more aware as I’m becoming a grandfather for the first time…

Experts on the process of significant life realization in several cultures talk about the need for guides and mentors, in order to be successful in our journey and fulfil a goal in the world. And who will always be our main guides and mentors? And did we not get, from our moms, the first bits of information about the world? And how was the quality of that first information?

Who were the lucky ones that in their most vulnerable period, regardless of their behavior, had a face who looked beyond their eyes and recognized them as perfect human beings, destined to fully achieve love and fulfillment?

And how it is done?

In this book we have, in all its impressive simplicity, the experience of a careful mom, moved by a task to complete in the world. We also have the essence of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) explained in a simple although deep manner. And the touching examples of mothers she has found throughout those continents…

Rita Aleluia herself would be the best way of teaching.

«A person's basic sense of security is determined by the relationship he/she had with his/her mother during childhood.»
Alexander Lowen

Thank you for existing, woman and mom!”

José Figueira,
Andragogue and NLP Master Trainer

Education is the most challenging and extraordinary mission that one can embrace. Suddenly we’re facing a kind of university rectory to people’s training. And as in almost everything in our lives, we’ve assumed a multifunctional role. We’re simultaneously rector, consultative council, teacher, assistant teacher, scientist, philosopher, sociologist and psychologist and even leaping into specialized medicine and cooking, among other things. We’re on duty 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. In this university, there is no specialized curriculum but an adaptable one to each child, to each circumstance and to each day. And as if this was not enough, this university usually has two rectors, whose purpose is to love and guide a human being from womb to adulthood, and these two characters do not always agree with each other. If we add the many different voices with advice we haven’t asked for, we’re in danger of being trapped in highly restraining beliefs and being sleepy during the main part of this journey. Sound familiar? It is only natural that things are just the way they are, with no one to blame. However, when we’re dormant for a long period we need an alarm clock. Only you will know which alarm clocks are the right ones for you and your family. To acknowledge that you’re sleepy is the sign that you are ready to wake up. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath, accept, and let it flow.