Conscious Systems® is an innovative approach developed by Rita Aleluia that arises from the excellence practices of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) – implemented in many major corporations and organizations throughout the world including Fiat, IBM, Hewlett Packard, World Bank, American Express, The US Army, The State Railway of Italy, Apple, Xerox, Merrill Lynch, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and many others - and Generative Coaching. Through it, it is possible to increase the mastery of internal and external communication in families, corporations and organizations.

From the identification of the basic communication standards, it is then possible to explore and create conscious, high impact paths in leadership in various contexts. Practices that are based on equal value, authenticity, congruence, responsibility and inclusion.

Conscious Systems® act at Consulting • Coaching • Training, in Europe, Latin America and United States.


A World where each person, company and organization has a conscious and positive systemic impact, communicating and receiving harmony, in equal value, authenticity, congruence, responsibility and inclusion.


Being and sharing the difference that makes a difference in the success of the systemic strategies of conscious and positive communication, influence and leadership worldwide – in families, corporations and organizations.


To be one of the world’s leading explorers and builders of strategies, models and tools on how families, corporations and organizations create and communicate harmony in equal value, authenticity, congruence, responsibility and inclusion.


Conscious Systems® works in consulting, coaching and training, based on the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Success Factor Modeling (SFM™) and Generative Coaching practices. These practices and models of Conscious Systems® explore and develop growth and development strategies, both for individuals and for corporations and organizations, at various levels.


To take the experience of consulting, coaching and training in NLP, SFM and Generative Coaching to families, corporations and organizations, collaborating with them in the development of strategies with a positive impact on the World, creating a positive and conscious generative change, which successful and high-performance results in areas such as communication, leadership and innovation.

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