The Success Factor Modeling ™ (SFM ™) process is a unique approach to competency excellence, originated and developed by Dilts Strategy Group - UCSC, which identifies and applies the success factors necessary to promote growth and development in both companies and the various areas of personal life, including parenting and education.

Based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), the SFM ™ process is founded upon a set of fundamental neuro-linguistic, cognitive and behavioral patterns. The primary approach of the SFM ™ process has been to model effective and successful behaviors and the cognitive strategies that drive them. The results of this analysis are then formalized into step-by-step procedures or techniques that may be utilized to transfer excellence skills to other people and areas of application. The process is readily understood since it is drawn from human models. Therefore, the values and underlying structures are intuitively absorbed by all.

The SFM ™ tools enable systems – families and corporations – to be created with conscious and successful leaders.

The SFM ™ process have been implemented in world-renowned corporations and organizations: Fiat, IBM, Hewlett Packard, World Bank, American Express, The USA Army, The State Railway of Italy, Apple Computer, Xerox, Merrill Lynch, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and many others.

To whom it is addressed:

Systems – Families/Corporations that want to achieve mastery in conscious, inspiring and successful leadership