Generative Coaching explores your creativity, it makes room in your life and brings you something unheard of and never experienced before. Obstacles become powerful allies and new practices emerge as efficient solutions.

In my sessions, I help you make deep transformations. We start at the two highest levels of your life: Identity and Spirituality (which has nothing to do with religion, but with your true essence). We identify your beliefs and the values that empower you.

You will explore conscious practices that allow you to welcome, integrate and transcend in all areas of your life, that allow you to walk freely in your personal and professional process, in the path of excellence, in a greater purpose, overcoming challenges, rescuing your resources, making dreams come true.


For all who want to be the difference that makes the difference in the World.


Through Generative Coaching and Generative & NLP Parenting, I help parents, educators and teachers to identify frailties and to turn them into powerful allies, to explore the tools and practices that guide them in the face of challenges and enable them to educate harmoniously, with unconditional love, presence, authenticity, congruence, equal value, responsibility and positive influence.

Families and schools build relationships that promote encouragement, where there is room for emotions to emerge, be welcomed and transcend successfully.

The family and school systems find balance.


All families, educators and teachers who want to follow a conscious education.


I also develop tailormade courses, workshops and talks, in a place of your choice. Whether in the context of a group of friends, business group, school group...


  • Generative and NLP Parenting
  • Success Factor Modeling™ (SFM™)
  • NLP topics up to fourth generation NLP
  • Generative Coaching
  • Generative Consulting