Once upon a time, a quiet but observant girl, who knew that her favourite season of spring was coming, when at dawn she heard the purity of the first swallows chirping. She knew that they would always return to the same place, as if to say that it is good to return to where we have already been happy. And she knew that they did not return alone. A swallow always travels accompanied, this is how she spreads love, that's how she connects. Strike the wings four, then six, eight, always remembering how fertile and happy we are in family, loyal and faithful to our noblest values. And the purity of their flight is something indescribably beautiful and harmonious. Leave before autumn to return, to announce the silence and the twilight of the advent of renewal and metamorphosis.

The girl modelled these wise birds. Today, she is a woman, wife and mother and she shares with you a flight of hope, bonanza and purity. The "bird of departure and return" is almost, almost to return.

Thank you so much for sharing the flight of life with me!

With love